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مُساهمة من طرف rajaa chababa في الخميس 17 فبراير - 6:29

aids stands for:acquired immune deficiency syndrome
*acquired means you are infected
*immunr deficency means a weakness in the body 's system that fight diseases.
/syndrome means a group of health problems that make up a disease
aids is caused by virus called h.i.v the humain immundeficency virus.if you get infected with hiv your body will try to fight the infection .it will make(antibodies) special molecules that are supposed to fight hiv.when you get a blood test looks for these antibodies.if you have them in your blood it means that you have hiv infection .people who have the hiv antibodies are called (hiv-positive)
being hiv positive is not the same as having aids but as hiv disease continuses is slowly wears the immune system
most people get the hiv by
*having unprotected sex
*sharing a needle with someone who is infected
*being born when mother is infected or via breast milk feedingand finaly the protection is better than cure

rajaa chababa

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